Electric or hybrid? This is what you need to know about the innovation premium for hybrids now.

To give your company more planning security, it was already officially decided in November 2020 to extend the innovation premium until the end of 2025. This means that the current increased subsidies for electric vehicles can now be applied for from the BAFA (Federal Office of Economics and Export Control) until 2025 instead of only until 2021. It’s worth it: purchase or leasing are each subsidised by up to 6,000 euros.

However, there is also bad news for the hybrid, which is so popular with employees in terms of taxation: the subsidy will be focused on the electric drive. From 2022, plug-in hybrids will only be subsidised in exceptional cases, e.g. if they have a minimum range of 60 kilometres and, from 2025, of at least 80 kilometres. In addition, the application for subsidies can only be made upon submission of the registration certificate and thus after delivery. For hybrid vehicles with a range of less than 60 kilometres ordered in 2021, this could mean that the subsidy will no longer apply if the vehicle is delivered in 2022. Take this into account in your planning.

Electric and hybrid – what subsidies are available?

In addition to contributing to the climate friendliness of your company, the subsidy can also be worthwhile for you financially. In many cases, we are talking about sums of around 5,000 euros per vehicle. Here are the official tables.

This applies to battery electric or fuel cell vehicles

Federal share incl. innovation premium (net list price below 40,000 euros) Federal share incl. innovation premium (net list price over 40,000 euros Minimum holding period
Purchase EUR 6,000 EUR 5,000 6 Months
Leasing period 6-11 months 1,500 EUR 1,250 EUR 6 Months
Leasing term 12-23 months EUR 3,000 2,500 EUR 12 Months
Leasing term over 23 months EUR 6,000 EUR 5,000 24 Months

This applies to externally chargeable hybrids

Bundesanteil inkl. Innovationsprämie (Nettolistenpreis unter 40.000 Euro) Bundesanteil inkl. Innovationsprämie (Nettolistenpreis über 40.000 Euro) Mindesthaltedauer
Purchase 4,500 EUR 3,750 EUR 6 Months
Leasing period 6-11 months 1,125 EUR EUR 937,50 6 Months
Leasing term 12-23 months 2,250 EUR 1,875 EUR 12 Months
Leasing term over 23 months 4,500 EUR 3,750 EUR 24 Months

Originaltabelle: https://www.bafa.de/DE/Energie/Energieeffizienz/Elektromobilitaet/Neuen_Antrag_stellen/neuen_antrag_stellen.html

Of course, calculating whether the introduction of electric vehicles is worthwhile is not entirely simple. But our experts have now developed decision-making formulas. They help you to better weigh up finances and/or ecological footprint. So you can make better decisions for yourself or your management.

We will also be happy to advise you on the conditions BAFA places on fleets, the exceptions that apply to hybrids and how to apply for funding.

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