We drive compliance so you can drive revenue

You need a fleet partner to wrangle vehicle regulations while you focus on your core business without distractions.

Our regulatory professionals ensure your vehicles stay on the road generating revenue for your company.

Keep moving forward while ARI’s comprehensive licensing services keep your fleet vehicles compliant.

Ready on day one

You can’t get on the road unless your vehicles are fully licensed, registered, and ready to work. ARI manages the initial documentation for you, and processes the licensing and compliance needs through our network of regulatory resources.

Renewals done right

Getting your renewals in correctly and on time can be a drain on your resources. ARI automatically tracks all expiration dates for your vehicles, and our licensing professionals work in accordance with specific state guidelines.

Titles on lock

Your titles can be stored in our secure fireproof vault, even if your vehicles are not leased through ARI.    Every title is accounted for and accessible, ensuring 100 percent clean title audits in the process.

Tabs on compliance

How do you know if your fleet is properly licensed? Regain that security with ARI’s comprehensive reporting and telematics integration, an all-inclusive IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement) and IRP (International Registration Plan) program that ensures compliance for both leased and owned fleets.

Ready to expand your compliance team?

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