Create a Depot to Save on Insurance Taxes

One-stop shopping: Depot management, claims management and garage network.

Insurance premiums account for more than 20% of the total mobility costs of a vehicle fleet today. In addition, bad loss ratios lead to rising costs for companies or even terminations on the part of insurers.

High time to counteract them. With ARI Crash Depot 19, a service in the sense of a comprehensive coverage (all-risk) insurance model. In the event of a loss, it allows for reimbursements in accordance with the performance principle (actual costs).

Pays off several times over

With a fleet size of 100+ vehicles a departure from the classic comprehensive coverage mentality is sensible, especially since you can then save the 19% insurance tax, because ARI Crash Depot 19 is tax-deductible.

Instead, with budgeted installments you create reserves over budgeted installments that will be reimbursed in the event of a claim with payments at actual costs. Right from the start, several factors make significant savings possible:

  • Professional ARI Claims Management
  • Comprehensive competencies (qualified insurance sales agents, automotive master craftsmen, chassis builders, etc., in one team)
  • Use of the ARI garage network

Greater mobility in complex fleets

The loss plan rates with ARI crash Depot 19 can be adjusted much more flexibly, since no notice periods such as those imposed on insurance premiums need be observed and the system is multi-client capable. If vehicles are assigned to other drivers/cost centers/companies (exchange of vehicles), open plan rates are simply prorated. Based on historical and tamper-proof saved inputs.

More transparency with less expense

With ARI Fleet taking over the complete claims process, you are relieved of administrative tasks. As a result of transparent ARI Reporting in electronic claims files, comprehensive information is also available that you can use for targeted prevention measures to reduce the loss ratio.

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