Speedy Help, Lean Processes, Fair Prices

Minimize downtime with the right maintenance strategy.

With our know-how, we see to it that your vehicles stay on the road. Our preventive maintenance approach helps you avoid downtime. And if anything should happen, you can count on our claims management. Our innovative Crash Depot also helps you save on insurance premiums.

ARI arranges appointments, collects the vehicle and returns it to the driver, and coordinates the repairs and payment with the garage.

Garage network

ARI Fleet has a partner network of 1,500 qualified and certified automotive master craftsmen throughout Germany who can provide services regardless of brand without voiding the legal warranty.

Claims management

ARI Claims Management not only ensures that your company regains mobility quickly, but can also successfully assert any potential claims.

ARI C(r)ash Depot

ARI Crash Depot 19 is a service in the sense of a comprehensive coverage (all-risk) insurance model and in the event of a loss, allows reimbursement in accordance with the performance principle (actual costs).