When you work together with ARI, you obtain access to the channels to get the highest possible sale price in the shortest time.

Even when you sell via our online portal with more than 6,000 audited and registered passenger car retail partners, we relieve you of the entire marketing process, from the dedicated assessment through the sale, delivery and collection. The scalable, multilingual system allows you to choose from among fixed-price sales, auctions and invitations to bid. It achieves 100% auditable, best-possible sales revenue, saves time and money and minimizes vehicle downtime. You run no risk at all, because the vehicle is not picked up until after payment is complete.

We’ll handle it

You can be sure that all time-consuming aspects of remarketing—including logistics, deregistration, as well as transport and administrative tasks—can be handled through ARI.

Would you like to retire one of your vehicles and get the top price?

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