Remarketing at the Best Prices

When you work together with ARI, you obtain access to the channels for inventory control that allow you the highest possible sale price in the shortest time.

How good and economical a purchase decision was for a particular vehicle/model only becomes apparent after the retirement and handover to the second life cycle. ARI Fleet is one of the proven specialists in the remarketing of motor vehicles in the B2B segment. We use innovative concepts to automate remarketing processes and make them particularly customer friendly. We offer you two possibilities to do this.

ARI BuyDirect®

With the ARI BuyDirect process, shorten inventory control by up to four weeks.

Full-Service Remarketing

Achieve maximum pricing on our full-service remarketing with inventory control.

Remarketing platform

Are you an automotive dealer? Then get access to our remarketing platform here.

Would you also like to achieve competitive advantages with remarketing?

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