With ARI insights you utilize the full potential of your data

Bring your data trends to the surface with ARI insights®, our award-winning fleet management technology platform.

All processes in the fleet can be mapped and coordinated online with our fleet management system ARI insights®. The system offers more than 100 predefined reports in dashboards and KPI metrics.

ARI insights® is the only flexible and fully customizable web-based application in the world that lets you keep a constant watch on your entire fleet.

Advance to all details

Our web-based platform for fleet management reports, ARI insights®, runs on a high-performance analysis module that analyzes data significantly faster than traditional tools in reporting. This means that fleet managers have an eye on the actual condition of the entire fleet as well as being able to drill down on individual vehicles. The systems and tools provide users with customizable dashboards with key metrics and actionable messages (RSS feeds, bulk emails), fleet information, and sophisticated reports. Even ad hoc reports to customers, which used to take several days or weeks to create, can now be processed in seconds and allow for significantly better data analysis. This sets new standards with regard to speed, flexibility and ease of use.

Data—where and how you want it

With such explorative analyses you can identify trends, compare your fleet with similar ones and even predict when certain components will fail. And since ARI insights® is a web-based tool, reports can be saved as bookmarks in your web browser and retrieved whenever needed, whether on the computer or tablet. With its various delivery methods, ARI insights® provides you with data on your fleet directly online or at set times via e-mail: as needed, in the right form and when it makes sense for you.

Data is big

From a strategic standpoint, ARI can take advantage of all big-data possibilities. They use ad hoc reports as well as exploratory analyses by clicking through the data. And what does that mean in practice? Just take a look at vehicle expenses by drilling down and check maintenance costs within a specific region or ZIP code.

With this method you can determine, for example:

  • Whether the average costs for repairs have remained roughly the same, while the number of disruptions has risen.
  • Where failures have occurred, directly on a map.

And in further analysis you will learn:

  • What types and models break down most often.
  • Which garages perform the most repairs.
  • At what mileage errors occur.
  • And even on which day of the week the repair actually took place.

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