We provide you with your advantage

Those who can completely manage the acquisition process and have full control over the value-added chain can reliably eliminate common vehicle acquisition problems.

Thanks to ARI Fleet you get trucks and vans with the best components and that are perfectly tailored to your needs. Moreover: By using data, you can reliably assess the long-term effects of your vehicle acquisition on operating costs and subsequent remarketing.

All-around perfect care

Our reliable vehicle supply chain services manage the entire value-added chain in the acquisition process. We advise you strategically up to turnkey vehicle handover and stand by you in word and deed during purchase negotiations.

Upon request we can coordinate the invitations to bid for vehicle manufacturers and assemblers and then use our monitoring processes to ensure that your order is filled according to your requirements and delivered ready for operation with approval. Alternatively, we can work in phases with your preferred and contracted suppliers.

Whichever option you choose, we handle everything in the most efficient way. So you can save on management costs and focus on your strategic goals and the big picture.

Strategic planning

Following an inventory of your existing fleet, ARI Fleet analyzes the range of use, annual mileage, maintenance programs and all other variables to ensure that vehicles are traveling at the lowest cost per mile. Based on many years of experience and empirical data we also develop recommendations for the replacement of vehicles with a view to the optimization of lifecycle costs and reducing downtime.

Competition between suppliers

For the invitation to tender and search for the best provider, ARI compiles corresponding documents containing the following key points:

  • Chassis
  • Services of the assemblers
  • Equipment components of assemblies
  • Vehicle delivery


With a strategic supply chain plan, vehicle specifications can be worked out that are used to find the right chassis and the right assembly for every requirement. These specifications are saved in our in-house, secure, web-based pricing and ordering system. All orders placed using this system are also checked by our specialists before being forwarded to the manufacturer.

Supply chain realization and management

ARI Fleet works in partnership with the most significant players: vehicle manufacturers, outfitters, assemblers and logistics companies. In addition, we hold regular coordinating discussions with dealers and manufacturers to proactively prevent any possible interruptions in the supply chain.

Delivery of the ready-to-drive vehicles

ARI Fleet organizes the delivery and handover of the vehicles via a dealer network, in accordance with your wishes: accepted, approved, tested and immediately ready to go.

Would you also like to achieve competitive advantages with supply chain management?

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