With a powerful data integration tool, you can have fleet data from multiple devices and providers – like compliance, fuel, maintenance, parts, downtime, and vehicle telematics – flow into a centralized system that identifies the information you need to act upon now.

One System Unlike Any Other

With ARI insights® — our award-winning, Web-based and mobile fleet management reporting platform, you get a powerful and unique in-memory analytics engine that transforms your vast fleet data into real-time, actionable information.

Actionable Information

How often do you need to get the right information to the right people at the right time? Our comprehensive data integration strategy, coupled with our one-of-a-kind Web-based reporting tool delivers on these expectations. You can identify patterns and correlations that impact cost and performance, and determine the best ways to lower your fleet’s total cost of ownership.

Viewing the Vehicle Inventory

Extensive database with online updates.

Control Supplier Chain

Complete visualization of vehicle orders and remarketing channels.

Optimize Maintenance

Preventive maintenance plans, maintenance history, legal prescribed inspections, repairs and more.

Share. Reporting. Communicate. Managing appointments.

Forward reports or inform employees and service providers directly from the system.

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