Room to maneuver for your business

Up to now invitations to bid for closed-end leases have usually focused on the lowest leasing rate. What is passed off as individualized contract design, however, tends to neglect significant factors, such as cost-effectiveness and service life.

By contrast, ARI Fleet dispenses with hidden margins and instead offers you a cost-optimized, open-end finance leasing solution that can save you up to 20%.

FlexLease is a new way of thinking about leasing.

Financing and services uncoupled

With ARI FlexLease you only pay the financing, in accordance with IFRS16 for all vehicle types, i.e.:

  • No cost for contract adjustments
  • No prepayment penalty for premature contract termination
  • No over-/under-mileage charges due to mileage limitations
  • No cost resulting from damages or reduced valuation at the end of the contract

In addition, you benefit from the fact that at the end of the term, all marketing proceeds are offset against the remaining balance and credited to you. In conjunction with freely selectable and transparently billed services, this systematically reduces your total cost of ownership (TCO).

Expect more, get everything

With ARI FlexLease you only pay for what you use. Expressly according to your actual needs and not according to the contract term. ARI Fleet markets the vehicle after you return it and the proceeds go to you. As has been the case for 95% of lessees in the US for decades.

You too can make concrete plans for the long term. The advantages speak for themselves:

  • Flexible full-amortization financing contract
  • Leasing contract similar to traditional loan financing
  • Flexible termination without prepayment penalty
  • Lessee is the beneficial owner (on balance sheet)
  • 100% of the marketing proceeds go to the lessee
  • Absolute flexibility (contract termination possible from the first month onwards)
  • Fixed interest rate over the entire term
  • Valid for all vehicle segments
  • (Forklifts, passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, heavy trucks, special vehicles, etc.)

Do you also want to achieve competitive advantages with ARI FlexLease?

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