Fleet Management Technology Innovation

It takes powerful technology and software to handle the volumes of streaming data a modern fleet produces.

At ARI, we constantly challenge ourselves to uncover new and better ways to help your fleet run more efficiently using the latest tools and programs.

Nearly 20% Invested in Technology

Nearly twenty percent of our operating budget goes to technology and information systems, which are the essential tools for companies looking for fast, actionable fleet management information. Our automated data processing offers our clients high-level and granular data about every aspect of their fleet. And our exceptional reporting and dashboard alerts help our clients make informed strategic decisions about their fleets by presenting data through a single portal.

Our experienced fleet professionals understand our clients' needs and design technology-enabled systems that will not only handle the data, but also monitor and analyze it so it makes sense and becomes actionable, extending the benefits of ARI programs even further.

Our technology includes a wide variety of customer systems and tools that support smart fleet management:

  • ARI insights®, our award winning comprehensive web-based fleet management system.
  • State-of-the-art dashboard technology, which helps clients actively and strategically manage their fleets through robust data analysis.
  • Breakthrough in-memory computing technology; ARI is the only fleet management company in the industry employing this revolutionary technology on behalf of its clients.
  • ARI’s Vehicle Reservation System is wholly integrated into ARI insights and allows our clients to better manage their rental pools and rental reservations.
  • ARI’s Garage Management SystemTM (GMS) provides a single, simple solution for clients who manage their own maintenance facilities, seamlessly integrating any activity occurring in-house – including maintenance, parts and labor – with any activity performed by other external vendors so all maintenance data is kept in one place.
  • ARI’s online ordering system, Pricenet®, uses up-to-the-minute equipment options and pricing data to help our clients build customized vehicles online to meet their unique customer needs and configuration requirements.
  • Data integration capabilities that are virtually limitless, providing the ability to transmit files between ARI insights and a client’s HR, billing, or asset management platforms; fuel card and bulk fuel providers; and telematics vendors.
  • Seamless mobility solutions.
  • Robust telematics solutions that provide genuine analytical insight into a client’s fleet operations.

We Need Your Feedback

ARI constantly solicits client feedback to improve existing systems and develop new ones as needed. We want clients to challenge us with new requests and recommendations to ultimately help make their jobs easier and more efficient.

Your Feedback At Work

And, based on that feedback as well as our own analysis of both the fleet and IT industries, ARI creates a Project Roadmap. This is a real-time, ever evolving list of projects and enhancements our experts have identified as operationally critical, which are then developed and launched to all ARI clients.

Continuous Improvements

Continuous Improvements

ARI elevates the voice of the customer to continually improve products and solutions so they are delivering lower total cost of ownership and higher efficiency. This approach guides all enhancements and innovation within ARI insights as well as all other products and solutions.

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