Managing Complex Situations

For more than 65 years ARI has been active exclusively in fleet management. We therefore have extremely broad technical knowledge: from passenger car fleets through vans, trucks, as well as special-purpose and industrial vehicles, through to their outfitting. Our solutions turn complex situations into a market advantage for you.

Passenger Car Fleets

Starting with vehicle selection, ARI offers a full range of services across the lifecycle of your fleet. Our services include acquisition and supplier management, maintenance, approval and technical supervision, fuel management, active accident management, including claims for damages, targeted training and monitoring, vehicle remarketing, and much more. With our expertise and technological know-how, ARI makes sure your fleet vehicles do what you expect them to do when you need them. We see to it that driver productivity remains high and vehicle costs, low.

Van Fleets

ARI has the expertise and skills with van fleets that allow us to customers with competent advice every step of the way. Our specialists support you in the selection, outfitting and acquisition of the optimal vehicles. After delivery, which we arrange, our team of trained truck mechanics and customer support personnel is available, so as to keep your vehicles ready for use and on the road at all times. Once the vans have ultimately reached the end of their economic service life, you will receive the best price from the sale, thanks to our remarketing experts.

Truck Fleets

There is nothing simple to managing a fleet of trucks. However, our experience qualifies us to manage complex truck fleets successfully for anyone, anywhere. This runs from purchase through additional outfitting through to vehicle replacement and remarketing. Our mix of services for trucks and equipment covers all areas relevant to your company’s success. Our standard portfolio includes maintenance and tire management, fuel management, telematics solutions, approval, accident management, regulatory compliance, as well as solutions for toll collection, strategic consulting and much more. We thus make daily management easier for you, minimize downtimes and you keep costs under control.

Special-Purpose and Industrial Vehicles

Our services for forklifts and other industrial vehicles encompass all safety checks (such as UVV, AU and pressure test), repairs, all maintenance and necessary spare parts to perform the maintenance measures. Your administrative expenses are reduced to a minimum with maximum availability.

We support you in all areas of fleet management with our OpenFlex service concept.

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