Planning your financial strategy

You need funding that aligns with your company’s financial goals.

You can pick the best solution for your financial outlook from ARI’s flexible options, all designed to keep it simple.

Your business data, combined with economic and consumer-based research, drives our fleet funding recommendations. Whether it’s leasing, financing, or purchasing, we’ll help you pick the option that best balances your CapEx/OpEx demands.

Peace of mind

Your business and financial needs are unique, and your portfolio should reflect that. Our funding experts will support you in developing your ideal portfolio with your capital and operating expenses in mind.

Open-end leasing

In an open-end lease the client assumes the risk or opportunity of future resale value. If the vehicle is worth less than book value upon termination of the lease, the client pays ARI the difference. If the vehicle is worth more, ARI remits the difference to the lessee as a depreciation adjustment.

Closed-end leasing

In a closed-end lease, the leasing company assigns a guaranteed resale value to the vehicle before the initiation of the lease, based on the lease term and allowable mileage. If the vehicle is worth less than the guaranteed resale value, ARI loses the difference. If the vehicle is worth more, ARI keeps the difference.

Flexible finance options

Is your financing working for you? ARI offers both fixed and floating interest rates at competitive rates. Our funding experts will support you in developing everything you need, including integration of third-party funding if desired.

On-time, ready-to-go delivery

Whether it’s ship-to or ship-thru, your delivery strategy is always exactly what you want. You can even work with ARI to administer the initial registration, licensing and titling of new vehicles so they arrive to you on time and ready to drive.

Supply chain starts with funding

Bob White, President, ARI and Frank Cardile, EVP & Chief Engagement Officer, Holman Enterprises discuss how to address relying on third parties, more logistics, timelines and delivery factors you have to manage.

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