Full flexibility and transparency for best TCO.

When purchasing a new vehicle, numerous pitfalls must be avoided. This is because a wide variety of service providers, over whom you have no direct influence, are usually involved. From the determination of requirements through funding and equipment to delivery.

ARI Fleet advises you strategically from the determination of requirements to the turnkey handover of the vehicle.

We coordinate the invitations to tender with vehicle suppliers, service providers and installation partners for you in a completely manufacturer-neutral manner, and then use our tracking processes to ensure that your order is carried out according to your specifications.

With our open-end leasing model ARI FlexLease, you also reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO) by an average of 20%. Because financing and services are neatly separated. Cost drivers such as a residual value margin, tacit and overpriced contract extensions, compensation payments in the event of premature contract termination, disguised contract adjustments for over or under mileage or the hefty calculation of damages at the end of the term are thus a thing of the past.

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