Why choose ARI Fleet as your partner

Your success is our #1 priority. We consider your fleet an investment, the full revenue potential of which you should unlock.

ARI Fleet invests in people, processes and technology to empower our clients in achieving a competitive advantage.

Investing in people

The best employers make the best business partners. ARI’s unique work environment has consistently landed us on employee culture lists from Fortune, Computerworld, SJ Biz, and more. It’s something you feel when you walk in the door at ARI. And, it translates to employees that go the extra mile for you every day.


We invest in people development and engagement through programs like Partners in Excellence® and[5] Holman University which drive productivity and longevity. For you, that manifests as a fleet partner you can trust and grow with for years to come.

Investing in processes

We invest in the continuous evolution of our processes through employee and client feedback so we can work better for you. We also leverage the core competencies of our sister Holman Enterprises automotive companies to offer single-source fleet and mobility solutions for the most complex needs.

Investing in technology

We invest 20% of our operating budget into systems and technology to ensure your fleet is viewed as a strategic investment by your organization. Our commitment to enhancing our analytics tools as well as staying on top of emerging technologies empowers you to drive more revenue to your bottom line.

Helping businesses win

Watch MasTec’s story about their fleet challenges, how they were solved by partnering with ARI and GeoTab, and the positive impact of telematics on their fleet operations.

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