Car, Light and Medium/Heavy Duty Truck Fleet

It’s having the expertise to deliver
in-depth solutions to complex fleet challenges.

Driving differentiation and efficiency to turn complexity into a marketplace advantage.

Car Fleets

ARI provides a full range of services that cover a vehicle’s lifecycle, from vehicle selection and acquisition to keeping those vehicles well maintained and on the road. Our car fleet services include acquisition and supply chain management, maintenance, licensing and compliance, fuel management, accident claims and subrogation, safety, vehicle remarketing, and many others. ARI has the expertise and the technology to ensure your car fleet vehicles do the job you need them to do, when you need them, so that driver productivity stays high and vehicle costs stay low.

Light Duty Trucks

ARI’s well tenured team of truck experts has the experience, skills and knowledge when it comes to light duty truck fleets to be with you every step of the way. Our Regional Truck Managers function as an intermediary between manufacturers and our fleet management clients to help design and engineer the fleet. Once your vehicles have been delivered, our team of specially trained ASE-certified truck technicians and truck account administrators are there to help keep your vehicles running and on the road. And when your vehicles reach the end of their profitable lifecycle, our specialized remarketing experts will help you get the most value out of your light-duty truck.

Medium & Heavy Duty Trucks

Nothing is simple about managing a medium or heavy duty truck fleet. Our long history of complex fleet success qualifies us to manage complex truck fleet operations for anyone, anywhere—from acquisition and up-fitting, to replacement cycling and remarketing. Our comprehensive truck and equipment programs address fuel management, telematics, licensing, accident management, regulatory compliance and environmental programs, strategic consulting and even tax compliance. And, ARI’s unique truck focused program, ARI TruckServe®, offers a mix of services for medium and heavy duty fleets that eases day-to-day work management, minimizes downtime and keeps expenses under control.


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