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Meet the humans behind the success of Holman Enterprises and learn more about the people who create raving fans for ARI Fleet.

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Ana Carmen Olivero, Account Management, ARI

“Hurricane Maria significantly changed our lives. We had a plan in place but the generator was damaged during the storm. The Holman family offered to literally rescue us and bring us to New Jersey.

There are really no words for us to describe how we feel, how grateful we are, how incredible all of this has been, and how something so destructive can become positive. Huge decisions were made but all the way, we felt like the Holmans were here with us. Grabbing our hands, having our back, we’re here with you, we’ve got you covered.”

Phil Bricker, Sales, Holman Toyota

“Guys that ride motorcycles are always looking for a reason to ride, and to me there’s no better chance than to ride for veterans, so I organized Ride for the Troops about four years ago.

We get to raise all this money for the people who have sacrificed so much for us. My favorite memory was two years ago when executives joined us to pass out water to everyone because it gets pretty hot. It showed me that a company as big as Holman still has all these family values and no matter how big or small the event may be, they are 100% behind it.”

Evan Wawrzyniak, Marketing, Holman Automotive

“I used to professionally photograph cars for Porsche and McLaren. Every car, whether it’s new or something from the 50s, is a work of art. You can look at a bodyline, the contours. You really get to see how everything comes together; what the designer was thinking and the way the light hits. That’s what people who are not car enthusiasts don’t see.

I like to tell stories. I think that’s ultimately what marketing is; we’re telling a brand’s story. I want to be able to take the Holman voice, what Holman is, look at all the different brands that we represent, anything from Toyota to Rolls Royce. Who are the customers? How do they like to be spoken to? Understand that every market is different and really craft what those communications look like. If it weren’t for photography, I wouldn’t have the eye for anything else.”