Our people have been helping fleets meet their biggest challenges for seventy years.

Our past and present is the foundation for building a bright future.


Holman Enterprises, parent company of ARI, launched in Merchantville, New Jersey when Steward C. Holman signed a dealership contract with the Ford Motor Company.


Ford asked Holman to organize a new renting and leasing company for passenger cars and trucks. With one desk in the corner of the Ford dealership, ARI was open for business.


ARI introduced services and online systems for maintenance, renewal and title management, including reports and analysis tools. Company clients also gained access to our Client Information Systems team– the industry’s first team to provide customer-direct, technology-related support.


To meet the needs of companies growing geographically, ARI expanded operations throughout North America. We also opened the first of several maintenance call centers. As the century closed, ARI introduced web-based systems for both fleet managers and drivers.


To help customers control costs in the midst of the recession, ARI offered consulting support geared toward sustainability, fuel efficiency, and compliance. In 2011, ARI invested in in-memory technology, giving clients unprecedented ability to analyze their fleet data. ARI opened locations in England and Germany and acquired upfitting companies to support global and vocational fleets.

2013 & 2014


In 2013, we had the opportunity to gain a foothold in the important German market by taking over the fleet management business of Alphabet Fleetservices GmbH and HPI Fleet & Mobility GmbH, which marked the birth of ARI Fleet Germany GmbH. This meant that competencies and infrastructure had to be created locally.


The infrastructural foundations were created with the acquisition of Netcar24 GmbH. As a result of this and the high demand for our products, we were able to increase the number of contracts by around 45% in the first year.

2015 to today


Winning the Fleet Industry Award this year underscores our achievements to date for our customers.

In order to continue this successful model, Majk Strika, until then Director Sales Europe, will be appointed Managing Director Europe.


The successive further development of our products made it necessary to establish our own leasing company, ARI Fleet Leasing Germany GmbH.


Thanks to this investment, we were able to offer the ARI Flex Lease for the first time on the German market in 2018. This open leasing model is unique here and can be combined with our familiar service modules to create an attractive, transparent and absolutely innovative fleet product.

As you can see, while fleet and mobility strategies are constantly evolving, we are also constantly investing in new, innovative technologies and processes so that you, the customer, are always one step ahead.

Our evolution in motion

Learn how ARI has thrived throughout the decades and has grown to become the largest privately held fleet management company in the world.

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