Making communities stronger together

For more than 70 years we’ve coordinated a Holman employee fundraising campaign in partnership with the United Way. Combined, we raise more than $1 million annually. Employees can donate time on “Days of Caring” by volunteering at agencies in their communities. Our Chairman of the Board, Mindy Holman, also serves on the board of directors for the United Way of Greater Philadelphia and South Jersey.

ARI is an active supporter of many other charitable causes, including the American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, American Red Cross, Autism Speaks, JDRF, Cross Roads, MS, and Urban Promise.

Here in Germany we are also committed to making our local communities stronger. We are involved with Blaues Haus e.V. in Stuttgart, and every year we field a team in the JP Morgan benefit run in Frankfurt.

Supporting individual efforts

We empower our people to help their communities by funding those causes to which they are personally connected.

Every employee is eligible to request a financial donation from the company annually that will directly benefit their chosen charity. We believe that supporting our employees’ various initiatives for community service is the best way to generate sustainable local benefits. Examples of this initiative that align with #5 of our Holman Way include our involvement in the Samaritans’ Christmas in a Shoebox project and the successful implementation of the collection of returnable bottles, the proceeds of which we donate each year to a local charitable organization.

Taking care of our own

We take our responsibility to our employees very seriously, even after their retirement from the company. In order to supplement the German statutory pension under the intergenerational contract and to support our employees in their private retirement pension, we participate in the contracts for asset-building benefits; are also in the process of introducing a company pension plan.

Protecting our planet

Our business is intricately connected to jobs, economies and the natural environment. To drive efficiency and reduce waste, we’ve invested in LED lighting with motion sensors, revolving lobby doors, recycling, electric vehicle charging stations, water bottle filling stations, and biodegradable cafeteria materials. Our Canadian headquarters in Mississauga, Ontario, is certified by LEED, the most widely used green building rating system in the world.

At our European headquarters in Stuttgart, our company vehicles are plug-in hybrids, which means our service trips within the city are emission-free. This is our contribution to improving Stuttgart’s urban climate.

Giving the community a hand-up

At ARI, giving back and supporting the communities that support our success is one of our core values. Take a look into the work that the United Way does in our communities.

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