ARI Fleet, a Holman Enterprises company, is the largest family-owned fleet management and leasing company in the world.

Although we primarily offer services and technologies for fleet management, people always come first.

What we do

Our headquarters are in Mount Laurel, New Jersey, and manage approximately 1.7 million vehicles in North America, the United Kingdom and Europe. Including our strategic partners, this number rises to around 3 million vehicles worldwide. More than 2,700 responsible employees ensure seamless processes. They know that of fleet must be regarded as an investment, and understand how to create targeted, competitive advantages for our customers.

Who we are

Although numbers explain where we do business and what we do in practice, our employees are our most valuable resource. They should therefore feel less like employees in a company and more like part of a large family. In a work environment where ARI has repeatedly achieved top rankings in Fortune’s list of the 100 Best Companies to Work For. So it is no coincidence that we can be found on other “best of” lists, such as those of Computerworld, and SJ Biz.

Always do the right thing

Since 1948, when ARI was founded by the Holman family, our Holman Values have been our guidepost. Consequently, we support the personal development of our employees through specially developed programs, and reward their commitment, which is ultimately reflected in good customer relationships: Many of these relationships have grown over the decades, thanks to loyal professionals who have also been working for us for decades.

Be part of something big

As an ARI employee you are part of a community in which success and respect for other people are perfectly balanced. As our client, you benefit from comprehensive industry experience and unique know-how. Anyone who knows our history understands why.

Our extended family

ARI is one of six Holman Enterprises automotive companies. These companies employ around 6,500 people – both in fleet management and in the automotive retail trade, as well as in truck upfitting, the distribution of OE drive parts, as well as in insurance and financial services.

Get to know our employees

Hear firsthand what ARI employees are saying about our unique corporate culture, the “Partners in Excellence” program, and our social commitment.

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