Flotten in der Bau- und Forstwirtschaft

Herausforderungen im Fuhrparkmanagement durch gute Planung meistern.

Fleets in your industry are among the most complex of all. In addition, economic fluctuations are constantly making life difficult for companies. Only those who act with the lowest possible capital expenditure and predictable maintenance costs can survive against tough competition.

We have the expertise for comprehensive service:

  • Standardized acquisition of fittings and assemblies
  • Analysis of individual fleet costs per service module
  • Absolute transparency through ARI insights®
  • Preventive maintenance strategy, tailored to special vehicles
  • Closely linked garage network for quick emergency help
  • Management of the vehicles over their entire life cycle

Mit unserem OpenFlex Dienstleistungskonzept unterstützen wir Sie in allen Bereichen des Flottenmanagements


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